From Niecel & Our Fam. With Love.

I'm a very thankful person in life. My family. Team. Friends. Especially... "You" - the fans!

One person in particular, Niecel Torres from the Philippines, was so passionate when we met in Bohol last year. She was SUCH a delight to meet.

So as soon as I get back to Los Angeles, Ms. Torres notifies me that she made a cute vlog about meeting me. I was so honored.

I had my team send her a personal package signed with a letter a few months later. Just recently, she shocked me with ANOTHER surprise video:


Niecel, if you're reading this. Thank you. You mean so much to me as a fan, and I truly hope to stay in your heart with my music as you grow wiser each day.

To ALL my fans - I see your messages. I love you all. Let's continue to grow together.


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