The making of "On the Run".


That's right. It's out.

So here we are. I've spent so much time putting this song together with a very talented MC from California - Adrian Gamboa aka AG of the group NOTFORSALE.

Admittedly, it was a tough decision putting this song out right now considering the times we're in. I had this planned since fall of 2019. But after speaking to my father, I got inspired to continue with plan of putting songs out this month - December. He told me to bring joy among those who follow me with my art. So I decided to take that step forward right now.

However, out of my deep respect for George Floyd and countless victims of racial injustice over the years as well my past history with police as a black man myself - I pushed this song's release from June 5th to June 12th.

This song comes from a session all the way back in December of 2018 at my home studio called "The Sanctuary".

I've actually known Adrian since 2017 and we've spoken about collaborating for a while now. His manager (shoutout Brennan) really tried to get us to connect a few times. This is a moment i'm very proud of. I'm sure Adrian's proud himself.

2018 - AG's "Why You Mad" Video Premiere

If you know me personally, i'm always open to collaboration with producers and musicians. However... if I were to collaborate with an artist, it has to make sense. The production has to fit the style of whoever's on a song with me but it ALSO has to sound like my style at the same time. Basically, we have to be able to connect sonically. I love the challenge of blending someone else's world with mine. But these days, I try to actually collaborate with people I personally know. I've had a big number of flakes in the past, so I prefer if we knew each other before we decide to record together.

Right now, i'm big on blending elements from all kinds of genres in my beats from artists of the 70s - 90s. I try to keep an open mind with my production style and NOT overthink what I make. On a quiet afternoon, around December of 2018, I struck gold with my little 2014 Macbook laptop hanging out at my best friend Michael Tukes' house. I was kicking it with Michael and his brother Elijah (Yeah, I know). I found a royalty-free loop online and noticed a loop called "Distorted flute". The melody was so strange that it got my attention but I can still recall Michael telling me to do something with that flute. 20 minutes later with a few extra synths of my own and 808 drums... we were bobbing our heads to the beat of what would become "On the Run".

After creating OTR's instrumental, I finally felt I discovered a sound that would fit Adrian and myself perfectly. The next night, I went into "The Sanctuary" and recorded demo vocals to give Adrian an idea of what sort of vibe I was looking for. There was plenty of empty space for him to go crazy with his verse. After recording, I sent him an email. Few days later - history was made.

So, I got his vocals. They were perfect. I went and rewrote my verse. Only one problem - how would I release this song? I already worked on my album, Majestic Sun, and that was being mixed and mastered. Majestic had a very different sound compared to this song and I didn't want to confuse my listeners. So I shelved the song until I could figure out how to release it properly.

Fast forward to January of 2020. I spoke to my team about doing a "Russ" type of drop one half of 2020. There were a bunch of dope, unreleased songs over the years that I made and everyone around me said the people needed to hear everything. So I went to work and carefully put "OTR" together as one of 2020's weekly Elijvh drops.

After 2 months of continuous rerecording, mixing, and mastering... I finally got this song done and released for you. Now here we are.

I hope everyone enjoys "On the Run". We had fun making it. We hope you have fun listening to it. Thank you.


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